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C-Arm and Radiation Exposure Interactive Video

Developed for Cognitive Consultants International Ltd, an interactive video educating users how to safely operate certain medical equipment.

Laser Safety Interactive Video

An interactive video educating users how to operate lasers within a laboratory environment in as safe a way as possible.

Interactive Map

An interactive map of the nanofabrication centre at the University of Southampton. Built using jQuery and XML. The structuce itself was modelled using Blender 3D.

Fatigue vicious circle

An animation for a medical intervention tool

Poorly guy

An interactive flash animation. Click on the various parts of the character to view further animations.

Waving guy

Another animation in the same series for a medical eLearning website

Dynamic Concept Map

This is a dyanmically generated concept map for a research project at the Learning Societies Lab. Created in Adobe Flash, data is retrieved from a mysql database and then populated into an XML file. Flash then reads in the xml file and dynamically generates the concept map.

Jumpstart Intro

An intro screen to an event known as 'JumpStart' for the induction of new students to the university

R2Q2 Flash Animation

An animation to help explain the R2Q2 project
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